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Here on our farm we are chemical free. We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We use our own freshly produced fertilizer (kindly made by our animals) to help create healthy soil to grow our own food!

We hand seed wildflowers in our pasture for our own bees so we can have happy bees producing delicious home grown honey!

We are also proud to produce our own vermicast from our own compost! We have a small worm farm where we throw our compostable food which our worms turn into fertilizer gold!



A big part of owning a farm, is compost! When we started we had a lot of compost and no idea what to do with it! So, what did we do? We researched and found worm castings! Worm poop you ask? Yes, Worm poop. We go through an entire process where we make premium soil using compost and worms. We sell this premium soil by the pound. This soil is great for backyard gardens or large agriculture fields! Contact us for more information!

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